BoltClean: The best way to prepare your fasteners for (re)use

At BoltClean we have one primary goal: providing the bolting industry with the most cost-efficient solution to clean industrial fasteners. Because there is a lot of money to be saved by cleaning and reusing fasteners. But only by doing it right. That is why our method is simple: we provide the best tools fot thread cleaning in the industry. And we do so for over 30 years, with happy customers all over the world.

Internal thread cleaners

The easiest and best way to clean inner thread. Save both time and nuts by completely restoring the coefficient of friction.

External thread cleaners

From simple bolts to industrial studs: controlled boltload starts with clean and standardized fasteners.

The advantages of using BoltClean thread cleaners

Thread Cleaning Box

The BoltClean Thread Cleaning Box (or TCB for short) is a housing for all models of the ARG external thread cleaner, making it a all-in-one solution for the cleaning of a wide range of studs and bolts. It comes with a durable aluminum casing that protects the operator from moving parts and can be securely mounted to a table or work bench. The dust extraction adapter ensures safer and cleaner working conditions, while the automatic shutoff feature activates when the lid is opened during operation, ensuring increased safety.
BoltClean - Thread Cleaning Box

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