About BoltClean

At BoltClean we have more than 30 years of experience building thread cleaning systems for industrial applications. Nuts, bolts, and threads are in our DNA! BoltClean is part of the IBTS Group, which is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment specifically related to bolted connections. The IBTS product portfolio stretches from HYTORC industrial torque and tensioning systems to BoltSafe bolt load sensors, to BoltClean thread cleaning solutions. This means that we are not a general wholesaler, we are specialists in the field of bolting.

Our in-house workshop, engineering department and our team of 40 employees are at your disposal.  We stand for quality, security, and the best service. By combining this with a total package of products and services, we build strong relationships with our customers.

We have set ourselves the goal to make working on bolted connections safer, faster, and more accurate. In this way we not only ensure better bolted connections, but our customers save considerably on manpower, leakage loss and unnecessary damage to people and equipment.