Pneumatic drive

The Pneumatic Drive can be used to power internal thread cleaners like the IRK and IRB series, and external thread cleaners for bolt sizes up to M55. This drive can be used in combination with the foot pedal switch for pneumatic drives.

Article number: XDRA-10
Pneumatic drive
Heavy Duty Pneumatic drive

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Drive

The Heavy Duty Pneumatic Drive is to be used with external thread cleaners like the ARG and ARM series, for bolt sizes M55 or larger.

Article number: XDRA-20

Electric Drive

The Electric Drive is compatible with every available BoltClean cleaning head. The drive is equipped with three handgrips (for a solid and stable grip), a 16 mm drill head, variable and lockable speed and is powered by a standard 230V power outlet.

Article number: XELA-STANDARD-230V
Electric drive
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