Offset gearbox for the ARG series

For studs and bolts that are too long to fit a standard ARG cleaning head, our offset gearboxes are the ideal solution. It can either be used as a mobile system to clean anchor bolts, or as a semi-stationairy system by clamping the gearbox onto a vise.

Each gearbox is fitted with a protective tube that keep the stud nicely centered in the middle, while protecting the stud and operator at the same time. The offset gearbox can be used in combination with the ARG series external thread cleaner and a dust extraction adapter.

The offset gearbox comes in two sizes, namely The DG-55 and the DG-90. The DG-55 offset gearbox can clean protruding studs and long bolts in size M10 up to M55. The larger DG-90 offset gearbox can clean bolt sizes M35 up to M90.

BoltClean accessories offset gearbox
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BoltClean accessories offset gearbox
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