Cleaning bolts for worlds largest ferris wheel

With a stunnig 250 meters (820 ft) in height the Ain Dubai is the largest ferris wheel in the world. Because of it’s size, this marvel of modern engineering takes almost 40 minutes to complete a 360 degrees cycle and can carry up to 1,750 people.

To ensure secure bolted connections, bolts were prepared for use by cleaning them with the BoltClean ARG series.

Cleaning foundation bolts at Wind farm Tera Korá

The Tera Korá wind farm was completed in 2017 and maintenanced in 2019. Manufacturer of these turbines is Vestas, which used BoltClean thread cleaners to clean studs and bolts from corrosion and other residues.

Vestas specifally chose the ARM series (slim line) thread cleaner because it can be used for multiple bolt sizes, while having an extremely small radius.

Limiting downtime during turnarounds at refineries

Time is money when it comes to turnarounds at refineries like Shell, Exxon and BP. That is why BoltClean is proud supplier to most of the global oil companies.

Machined brushing cleans nuts and bolts faster than any other cleaning method. This results in less man power and shorter downtimes. During the 2022 SDA and HYCON turnaround at Shell we supplied Shell with the right equipment to get the job done. Especially during turnarounds there is a peak demand for certain equipment. That is why our equipment is also for rent.

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