BoltClean Thread Cleaning Box (TCB)

The BoltClean Thread Cleaning Box (or TCB for short) is a housing for all models of the ARG external thread cleaner, making it a all-in-one solution for the cleaning of  a wide range of studs and bolts. It comes with a durable aluminum casing that protects the operator from moving parts and can be securely mounted to a table or work bench. The dust extraction adapter ensures safer and cleaner working conditions, while the automatic shutoff feature activates when the lid is opened during operation, ensuring increased safety. 

The LED work light provides better visibility and quality control, and the improved continuity feature allows for fast and easy switching between different cleaning heads without the need for any tools. The adjustable rotation speed feature allows for greater control over the cleaning process, while the low noise high grade servo drive ensures a quieter operation. In case of any mishap, the Thread Cleaning Box has an emergency stop feature that can be used. 

Optional features include a clamping unit with 360 degrees rotatable slider and a foot pedal switch. With its many features, the BoltClean Thread Cleaning Box is a reliable and efficient tool for all your external thread cleaning needs.

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Electric foot switch
Electric foot switch
TCB slider
BoltClean ARG external thread cleaner
BoltClean ARG external thread cleaner
Replacement brushes for the ARG external and IRK internal thread cleaners
Replacement brushes for the ARG external and IRK internal thread cleaners
Cleaned studs BoltClean thread cleaning

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