Internal thread cleaners

IRB series: static internal thread cleaning brushes

BoltClean offers static internal thread cleaners from size M4 up to size M72 that can be used to clean threads on nuts and blind holes. Our static brushes can be used in combination with any type of electric of pneumatic drilling machine. Extensions are available for those applications that require more than the standard shaft length. For maximum durability, our standard brushes are made of high quality stainless steel.

Imperial sizes and different material brushes are available upon request.

Advantages of the IRB series


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Product sheet

Information about the IRB series internal thread cleaning brushes

IRK series: adjustable internal thread cleaner

The IRK-series adjustable internal thread cleaner is specifically designed for nuts and blind holes with size M60 up to M180. The cleaning heads are available in various adjustable models that will all cover a certain range of nut sizes. Its clever design allows the operator to easily change the external diameter, making it a versatile solution that is not limited to just one specific bolt size

Imperial sizes and different material brushes are available upon request.

IRK series adjustable internal thread cleaner

Advantages of the IRK series


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Product sheet

Information about the IRK series adjustable internal thread cleaner

Technical specifications

ModelIRK 60-70IRK 70-80IRK 80-90IRK 90-110IRK 110-130IRK 130-150IRK 135-160IRK 150-180
Cleaning rangeM60 – M70M70 – M80M80 – M90M90 – M110M110 – M130M130 – M150M135-M160M150-M180
Max. RPM300 RPM300 RPM300 RPM300 RPM300 RPM300 RPM300 RPM300 RPM
Weight0,6 kg0,62 kg0,75 kg0,92 kg1,13 kg1,41 kg1,5 kg2,07 kg
Overall length350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm
Drive adapter size13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm
Number of brushes33333355

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