ARG series: external thread cleaners​

ARG series: external thread cleaners

ARG-series External Thread Cleaners are specifically designed for studs and bolts with size M8 up to M230. The cleaning heads are available in various adjustable models that will all cover a certain range of bolt sizes. Its clever design allows the operator to easily change the internal diameter, making it a versatile solution that is not limited to just one specific bolt size. The spring-loaded system ensures that there is always the right amount of pressure on the thread and shaft of the bolt. The vertically placed round brushes reduce the amount of friction between the cleaning head and thread, making the ARG series the most comfortable thread cleaner on the market.

Non-standard sizes are available on request.

Advantages of the ARG series


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Product sheet

Information about the ARG series external thread cleaner

User manual

User manual for the ARG series external thread cleaner

Technical specifications

ModelARG 10-27ARG 20-55ARG 35-70ARG 50-90ARG 90-120
Cleaning range metricM10-M27M20-M55M35-M70M50-M90M86-M120
Cleaning range imperial1/2’’ – 1 1/8’’3/4’’ – 2’’1 3/8’’ – 2 3/4’’2’’ – 3 1/2’’3 1/2’’ – 5’’
Outside diameter100 mm150 mm160 mm185 mm212 mm
Max. RPM500 RPM500 RPM500 RPM300 RPM250 RPM
Weight2,2 kg5,1 kg5,8 kg7,1 kg9,32 kg
Cleaning length200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm
Drive adapter size13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm16 mm
Number of brushes35666
Offset gearboxDG 55
1027 adapter plate
DG 55DG90
3570 adapter plate


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