Fully Automatic Cleaning Unit​

If (stud)bolts are to be reused, cleaning is absolutely necessary. Also the VCI guideline for flange assembly also requires that bolts be to new condition before reassembly. In order to clean bolts in the shortest possible time, we have developed the BoltClean Machine. With a capacity of 180 bolts per per hour (M33 x 250), the BoltClean Fully Automatic Cleaning Unit can shorten the working time considerably.

The Fully Automatic Cleaning Unit is are also available to rent.

Advantages of the Fully Automatic Cleaning Unit

Replacement brush for internal thread cleaner BoltClean
Replacement brushes, set of three
BoltClean accessories Dust extraction adapter for external thread cleaner
Dust extraction adapters for external thread cleaner
BoltClean Kit external thread cleaner
Kit external thread cleaner
BoltClean accessories offset gearbox
BoltClean offset gearbox